Bass & Backing Vocals: Kev

I started in music at school in Newcastle Upon Tyne many years ago when I joined the school brass band, playing tenor horn. This progressed to the city orchestra and one memorable occasion when some of us were selected to be the on stage band for Northern Opera’s performance of Aida.

At 15 I left school and for the next 25 years enjoyed life as an aircraft technician in the Royal Air Force where I continued with brass bands playing concerts in the UK and Germany.

I left the RAF in 1995 and did nothing musically for approx. 5 years and then decided I would like to play bass so bought myself a bass guitar and small amp and taught myself the basics - and still learning.

A few years ago some of us at work thought we would surprise our colleagues by playing a few numbers at the summer ball - “The Red Hot Chicken Dippers” did the one gig but went down a storm and the bug for live performing bit.

Since then I have played with BAKK (original Songs), and Dark Knight (Contemporary Modern Rock, Blues, R&B etc) and currently also play bass for the rock covers band   Artillery

My main gigging bass at the moment is a Fender Precision Lyte  and my amps and cabs are Mark Bass and TC Electronics