Frequently Asked Questions:

What sort of music do you play?
Addictive play a very wide variety of music as you can be seen on our “Music” page. If you require specific songs to be played at your function please ask in advance and we will do our utmost to accommodate your requests.

How long do you play for?
Our playing times vary from venue to venue and depends on what the client requires. Typically, we would play 2x45 minute sets with one break, or three 30 minute sets with two breaks. We arrange the timings to be flexible with whatever else is happening during the evening, and can play for different amounts if you require by prior arrangement. We are happy to supply backing music through our PA system during our breaks and at the end of the evening while the band start to pack away their equipment.

How much do Addictive cost?
We aim to keep our prices very competitive, please email us for a quote. Factors that can affect the fee are travel times, the amount of time you require the band to play, and the arrival/departure times of the band etc.

Do you provide background music between sets?
Yes, we are able to provide this service and have equipment for this very purpose. We carry a variety of music with us, but we recommend that the client brings their own compilations, if they have a particular preference for the musical styles to be played.

Can you do a disco for us as well?
Sorry, we are not able to provide this service at this time.

What stage area or electricity do you need?
Addictive  can perform with or without staging, indoors or outdoors (covered). We need an area of minimum size 6m x3m to accommodate the band and PA/lighting. This area must be level, free from obstacles, and dry (we're thinking of the marquees and outdoor gigs here!). We require 3 x 13A socket to power our equipment. This must be a certified and tested safe supply. If you're using a generator for an outdoor event, please ensure that it is capable of delivering a steady 3KW without any problems, and that it is being operated/installed by a suitably qualified person.

PA / sound equipment
Our PA system is fully self contained, and is adequate for up to 250 people on the dance floor. Of course, we always run at the minimum volume level required for the audience, and we are very sensitive to your audiences requirements, particularly at weddings etc, where you may want us to concentrate on one area of the room whilst allowing conversation in another. However, please remember that the drums are an acoustic instrument, and as such have a certain volume level anyway.

Do you need a dressing room or food?
Addictive will require a supply of soft drinks or water throughout the event. We don't expect to be fed, although as we may have travelled some distance, food is always welcome! If there are substantial periods between the band setting up and starting their performance, the use of a dressing room is appreciated, particularly for costume changing.

What does the band wear?
For corporate events and weddings, Addictive usually wear what could be described as smart/casual. The band will be in darker/black outfits, We can also dress in "black tie" if it's appropriate. For parties and pubs, people often prefer the band to look less formal, so we dress in a more casual manner. Please let us know which you think is the most appropriate for your event.

How long do you need to set up?
We need a minimum of 1 hour to set up. We usually arrive about 1.5 hours before we are due on stage. The band is prepared to wait in the wings if things are running behind schedule. It is necessary for Addictive to carry out a 'sound check' to ensure the sound quality and volume level is appropriate for the room and guests, which usually takes up to 10 minutes, once all the equipment is set up. Ideally this is done when the room is empty, but if this isn't possible we will explain to the guests/audience what is happening, and ask for their patience. You may wish to ask guests to leave during this period, as some people may find the noises uncomfortable.

How late do you play?
Our latest finish time is usually midnight but we can play later than this by arrangement in advance. However, we charge a small extra fee dependent on how late you wish us to continue.

Do I need to pay a deposit when booking?
We require a 10% deposit on booking to secure the date by cheque or BACS. The balance is then to be received 14 days prior to the event (cheque/Bacs) - from previous experience, this means you don’t have to worry about carrying a large sum of money around all day and can concentrate on enjoying the day.